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Engagement Session: Why have one?

"Oh I don't think we want an engagement session..."

"My fiance HATES having their photo taken..."

"What would we do with the photos?"

"We are soooooo awkward!"

These are all very common things I hear when I talk about engagement sessions with my wedding clients. And trust me, I get it! I also am not a fan of having my photo taken, hence why I am behind the camera and not in front of it. But, that being said, I do feel like your engagement session is a crucial part of your wedding process.

Why? Well, for one, it is weird having someone follow you around with a camera if you're not a Kardashian. No one is ever comfortable. That's totally normal!

Two, don't think of it as a photo session, think of it as your Bridal Bootcamp. This is where you will get to know me, my style, my prompts, etc. It is also where I get to know you more as a couple. Are you affectionate? Are you goofy and laugh a lot? Do you want to barrel roll down a hill or in the sand together to get the most authentic photos possible? This all comes into play when we meet again on your wedding day! By then, we will basically be besties and I will know exactly what to do/say to get the best, most unique and authentic photos that you will plaster all over your home like an art gallery.

I know, personally, the moment a camera is pointed in my general direction I immediately turn into Ricky Bobby and think "what do I do with my hands??!"

But no worries, I got'chu! Not only will I help with that pesky hand placement, I will let you know what do with simple and silly prompts to get you those oh-so-effortless photos! Still feel awkward? Not to worry! To put you at ease, there's a very high chance I will do something clumsy or embarrassing during our session to let you know that I too, am human. For instance, the first couple below, (Maria and Vinny) brought their sweet pup to their session and to get the dogs attention I kept calling him the grooms name by mistake and making kissy noises. Eventually when they started looking at me funny, I realized I was using the wrong name....we all had a good laugh and it made for (yet another) funny story of me embarrassing myself.

Each photo pictured here was given a simple prompt so my couples could get genuine reactions and feel less awkward having me snap away like their own personal paparazzi. To me, when you're interacting with your partner, you're less aware I am lurking in the distance watching your every move like Joe from You.....but less creepy, I promise!

Plus, ladies, this is the perfect time to schedule your hair and makeup trial and not let that glam go to waste! (or, schedule me for a bridal boudoir if you want to give your future spouse a spicy wedding day gift).


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