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Rhode Island wedding photographer

Hi! I am Amanda, the owner and photographer behind Ox & Anchor Photography Co.  My focus is on Wedding Photography in Rhode Island, New England and beyond! But, before we get into that, let's get to know each other!

Lets start with the name, Ox & Anchor and what it means to me.  Ox doesn't make sense for a wedding photographer's name does it?  But there's a really cute meaning behind it.  Back when I was dating my now husband he would send me little text during the day as a gesture to let me know I was on his mind; awwww.  Well, anyone that knows my husband will tell you he is terrible at texting; you need a team of analysts to figure out what he's actually trying to type.  One day I got an emoji of an Ox.  I looked at it and waited, expecting some sort of explanation but none came.  After a second "Ox" I had to ask what the heck he was trying to say to me.  Turns out he was trying to send "XO" but kept typing "ox" and Siri converted it into the Ox emoji.  It became our thing.  Now when we're away from each other we just send the Ox as a way of saying "I am thinking of you and I love you."  Now on to Anchor, this one is a little more self explanatory.  When we moved into together, we ended up relocating to Rhode Island  and everywhere you go in the Ocean State there's an Anchor.  It just fit, Ox & Anchor.

I began my business in 2020 after the world shut down.  My former life was in dentistry but it was a means to an end, not something I felt passionate about.  During the pandemic, I was home with my 4 year old stepdaughter full time and I decided I would buy a camera, solely for something to help pass the time.....and it was love at first click!  I began to photograph everything, I invested in my education online, acquired some of the best mentors in the area and hit the ground running.  

I am an avid lover of all things outdoors- hiking, kayaking, biking.  You wont usually find me on a relaxing beach vacation but rather exploring Mountains at a National Park or White Water Rafting in the jungle... but don't let my active side fool you because I love a good lazy day hanging out with some Netflix or a good book while I cuddle my dog, Memphis.  I also love cooking and creating in the kitchen with a nice bottle of wine and some good music.


What can you expect when you book with me??

For my Happily Ever After couples, rest assured we will have a blast!  My job on your wedding day isn't just to capture breathtaking portraits, but to make sure you get the photos without sacrificing the time at your own party!  There will be just enough camera time to create those posed, wall worth portraits but even more candid, unique-to-you shots that will make your wedding unlike any other.  And don't worry if you're self proclaimed "awkward,"  I am the QUEEN of "I don't know what to do with my hands" so I've got you!


So what're your next steps?? 

I'll make it easy...


All love is welcomed.

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